Inflation’s Hidden Victims: The Price is Wrong

Inflation is on the mind of most Americans in such troubling times. The one group of Americans that is affected most by inflation are the brave souls who seek to be on one of America’s favorite game shows. What is the show you may ask? The price is right.

Think of how arduous and difficult it must be for these people who have spent their whole life remembering arbitrary prices for items and home goods. Now. Imagine that these prices have changed by 7%, 25%, 1000%? Who knows. How are we going to help out these brave people? We have opened a petition for this very reason.

We seek to task the price is right and their affiliate company to Lock in the prices that are used on the TV show at prior 2020 prices. The urgency of this cannot be understated. Inflation is going to kill the prospect of so many American dreams that action is not just necessary but, it’s what is morally right.

If none of these reasons are enough for you president, consider the following that: Bob Barker is still alive and among us today. He will be celebrating his 100th birthday this December. I can think of no better present to him and the American public then to take action on such a important topic.

Joe Biden, please pass an executive order regarding this crisis!

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