Pharaoh CALLS it QUITS! is DEAD!!

In a manic rage the egyptian Pharaoh has KILLED

He moved the goalposts all the way to the last second first stating the website was getting killed at one time then moving the time again and finally a third time. Unfortunately for all users, the Pharaoh was on his own time and managed to not follow any of the THREE deadlines he set for himself.

The website is dead and now we are left to mourn the loss of our home away from home,

Now where will we get:

  • A chinese man posting his grinder screenshots
  • Another chinese man crying about not getting any pussy
  • Drawings of a guy eating doo doo
  • A fat guy talking about his investment properties
  • Posts of twitter screenshots with “Faggot” or “Not a Faggot” written on them

The internet at large mourns the loss of this place and I am sure you, dear reader – miss it as well.

Thank you for your service lord adminadminadmin aka marfan aka janny.

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