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Rapper Rights ARE Human Rights: The self snitching epidemic

There’s one thing that we don’t need more of. It is African American men in prison. In the year 2023 more than $10, 000 individuals will be locked away for … Read More

Inflation’s Hidden Victims: The Price is Wrong

Inflation is on the mind of most Americans in such troubling times. The one group of Americans that is affected most by inflation are the brave souls who seek to … Read More

Brave Tattoo Arist Offers Free Removal of Channel 5 and Rick and Morty Tattoos

This is Barthalomule Hoffman out of Portland Oregon and she is offering FREE removal of tattoos associated with Channel 5 / Andrew Callagahn or Rick and Morty! These offerings come … Read More

Lemuel Swisher

Black Voices (too loud)

Whassup, my name is Lemuel Swisher. I never been a writer before but my uncle said it’s easy so I guess I’ll give it a try since I finally got … Read More