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Enclosed is a list of Websites, Browser extensions and software we use.

Web Browser Extensions



File Transfer

Making Stuff

Privacy / Security Resources:

Repos of good sites (meta):


Platform Agnostic (available on many)


Mostly sticking to Fdroid here instead of the Google Play store but if you really need something from there use Aurora Store

  • Display your android on your PC
  • Aegis 2fa – Fdroid
  • Bromite – web browser – Fdroid
  • Element – messaging – Fdroid
  • Feeder – RSS – Fdroid
  • k-9 Mail – Email – Fdroid
  • MPV – multimedia player – Fdroid
  • Simple music player – Fdroid
  • Vanilla music player – Fdroid
  • NewPipe – Youtube FrontEnd – Fdroid
  • Podverse – Podcast Player – Fdroid
  • Open Note Scanner – Scan handwritten notes into images – Fdroid
  • OsmAnd~ – Maps (gmaps alternative) – Fdroid
  • Primitive ftpd – spin up an FTP server – Fdroid
  • Syncthing – Sync directories between machines regardless of OS – Fdroid



Self Hosted