Obamna Phone - Mumble Server

How did you find me here

"Where Gay Guys like to talk"


Discord and it's consequences have been a disaster for the gamer race. We are aiming to fix that here at! We are fixing it with our own voice solution. Where YOU can come and talk to REAL LOCAL HOT SINGLES TODAY!

How to Connect

You will need a client from the below list. Install Mumble, then connect by adding it manually (Click "Add New" → Address:"" → "OK" → "Connect"). We used the default ports,

How to Change Voice Quality

To change your own voice quality, go to Configure -> Settings -> Quality. If you have a poor connection or a high ping, it's suggested you lower this until people can understand you. Otherwise, set it as high as possible so you don't sound like a robot.

Server Rules

Don't break the law, be cool or you aren't invited to the cookout