Breaking: Niggas phones be vacuuming they faces!?

It appears that some shit went off the rails at the cell phone factory because dudes be getting they faces sucked. We reached out to Apple and Samsung for a comment but we don’t speak korean. Dead ass? Fr we do not recommend our phones even visit this news website with a cell phone, please view on a desktop computer.

Isn’t it interesting, that in a time where we have more access to information, technology, and ultimately each other that we feel at all “alone”?

People now more than ever are feeling existential dread, sadness and ultimately the need to take their own life at rates that far exceed historical norms when controlled for population. Someone could say that this is just because these deaths are being recorded whereas historically these deaths wouldn’t have been noted down in some form of record but I don’t believe that to be the case. 

One of the issues that stem from this is the inability to find others that share the same logic, goals, and morals. Previously in recorded history we had churches or physical communities that embodied like minded people but these things have been replaced by something far worse, the illusion of such things. People go on the internet and seek to find people who agree with them and what do they find? “Communities” of people who are only there for a self serving interest of the most topical and ephemeral interactions. Interactions that are plagued with distraction and ultimately a loss of connection.

Was this purposeful? Was this calculated? Was this intentional? I am not going to dive into the intent of the world we are left with today but merely a survey of the damage in order to best address the symptoms and hypothesize solutions to what could be one of the biggest problems we have today. 

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