Rapper Rights ARE Human Rights: The self snitching epidemic

There’s one thing that we don’t need more of. It is African American men in prison. In the year 2023 more than $10, 000 individuals will be locked away for seemingly their own artistic lyrics. What has been happening inside the justice system has been nothing but unjust. These bright young men put their souls out onto rhythmic beats and in return we lock them away for the rest of their lives. It could be confusing to understand why this would be allowed to happen. The root cause of this issue is a phenomenon known within the African-American community as self snitching. This of course means that outstanding members of the community are being locked away for rhythmically rhyming about alleged crimes that they’ve committed! Whatever happened to the Fourth amendment? Whatever happened to the 5th amendment?

How come the white man is able to sing about shooting the sheriff but not killing the deputy and they seemingly get away with it unscathed? The white man is able to fictionalize his crimes in a way that maybe the black man doesn’t have the capacity to do. We need equal opportunity in all things including admission to crimes.

Once again, I’m calling on Joe Biden and change.org to start a position and pass an executive order. Based off of this. We can’t have people going away for crimes that they’ve admitted to. The ACLU has started an initiative fund to help protect these people who rhyme about killing their friends and enemies in detail.

For now here are some helpful hints to avoid being put behind bars for your bars

  • Avoid listing exactly where you committed a shooting and who you were rolling with
  • Avoid using weapons and vehicles in music videos that were used in crimes that are actively being investigated
  • Consider adding “in minecraft” or “in Garry’s Mod RP”
  • Perhaps don’t list “dead ops” who you have personally killed

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