Welcome to the Team, Journalist!

Here at Analgaming.biz, I have been recently added to the frontline workers here!

In a time of all time high political strife and divisive media, we are here as the one true news source that doesn’t beg you for money or spam you with popups. This is because we are founded upon actual JOURNALISM principals unlike our competitors. Honestly, calling them our competition really takes away from the scope at which we operate. We are in a lane all our own and that is why we have so many dedicated readers like YOU!!!

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for reading this and I hope that you look forward to my articles to come.

Sometimes I see soldiers being thanked for their service but I think this is something that should be extended to journalists as well. After all, you probably wouldn’t even hear about wars if it wasn’t for us spoon feeding facts to the general public.

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