Ye (Formerly Kanye West) is from K-PAX?

It appears that Kanye West rode the ultralight beam millions of years into the past or more like 87 years back in the past! Back to Hitler time because he is a nazi!! Prot Ye West is not an ally of the intergalactic people.

The Chicago born artist and multi-billionaire has raised a lot of attention lately after saying very anti-sematic things in his most recent interviews. He is quoted saying things like “Jews run media”, immediately after being informed of the faux pas of noticing that Jewish people existing in disproportionate amounts. Despite this, Ye doubles down comparing the number of black babies that are aborted at planned parenthood to that of the amount of Jewish people we lost in the holocaust.

don’t know who needs to see this but
We lost 6 million Jewish people in the holocaust.

the books

Anyways, continuing onto this the artist formerly known for top hits dawned a maga hat that had now been adorned with a swastika before shouting things that are simply to antisemetic for us to post them here. It is truly tragic to see something happen to someone who previously had so much going for him.

It is important to note: We do not endorse the views of anyone reading this nor Kanye "ye" West. We stand with Israel on all fronts foreign and domestic. We believe that we must be nothing but respectful and friendly to the great ally we have in the middle east. We also believe that it is likely that more than 6 million actually died. Judeo-Christian values are what founded this website and this country. We also acknowledge the fact that anything put in front of another idea is likely co-opting it in bad faith. Jewish people do not own the media, banks or pharmaceutical companies. Any notion to the contrary is vehemently opposed by we, analgaming. The purpose of this news outlet ("website") is to provide a platform for news and chinese people to express their personal views and opinions without restriction or censorship. Anything posted to this website is a work of fiction and does not represent the views or opinions of Prot, Kanye West,, Slamming Sluts LLC or their respective parent and or affiliate companies ("Companies").  

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